Samuella Ofori Otchere

Position: Deputy CEO
Department: Administration
Experience: 8 Years

Personal Information:

Samuella Ofori Otchere is a talented professional who serves as the Deputy CEO of Wiggles Creatives Limited, a family-owned company specializing in digital content creation and marketing. With a passion for business and a keen eye for detail, Samuella plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operations of the company.

Having earned a Diploma in Business Studies, Samuella brings a strong foundation in business principles and administration to her role. Her knowledge and expertise contribute to the efficient management of day-to-day tasks and the overall success of Wiggles Creatives.

As the contact person for advertisers, Samuella showcases her excellent interpersonal and communication skills. She effectively liaises with clients, understanding their unique advertising needs, and provides them with tailored solutions to maximize their reach and impact. Samuella’s dedication to customer satisfaction and her ability to build strong relationships make her an invaluable asset to the company’s growth and success.

Samuella’s passion for travel and writing has led her to contribute to the company’s travel blog, With her exceptional writing and editing skills, she crafts engaging and informative content that captivates readers and provides valuable insights into various travel destinations. Samuella’s ability to tell stories and share travel experiences adds a personal touch to the blog, resonating with readers and inspiring their own travel adventures.

Samuella Ofori Otchere is a dynamic and multi-talented professional who plays an integral role in Wiggles Creatives Limited. Her dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence contribute to the company’s success and reinforce its position as a leading provider of digital content creation and marketing services.